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Andrew Berridge MIH

highly driven and passionate hospitality professional

Who I am

I consider myself more than lucky when I read through my CV. I picture all the beautiful properties in which I've worked, I remember all the amazing and truly unforgettable people I have met and who have taught me so much and I think about just how much I have grown as an individual. I could not, and most definitely would not, be in the position I am now if it were not for the individuals I have met along the way – the industry is overflowing with people who can, literally, change you for the better.

For more than a decade I have managed in many different styles of properties; Michelin star restaurants; a chic and cosy country inn; high-end brasserie; independent restaurant with rooms and small, medium & large sized hotels – each of these properties allowing me to add another string to my bow and dive even deeper in to the richness and complexity of the industry. However, saying that, the basics and foundations of succeeding in the industry are very simple: common sense, manners, treating teams and guests with huge respect and a burning passion for making others happy.

The burning passion and love for hospitality is the reason I get out of bed every day with a smile and go to work. My love for working in teams of amazing individuals and looking after guests the “old fashioned way” (face-to-face) is what I love most about my job. As a previous manager once said to an aspiring young me “people who work in sales could chase a lead for six months before closing a deal and getting a sense of euphoria – if we do our jobs properly we can get that feeling every day”. These words race through my head with every interaction I have.

I consider myself to have the best job in the world; I work with highly intelligent, fun and hardworking individuals in, what can only be described as, the most stunning and beautiful properties in the country and I get the chance, every day, to make others happy – tell me which other industry can say all of that. 


Once you’ve found a job you love doing, you stop going to work” – this is how I feel.

What others say about me

Gaius Wyncoll

general manager, the manor house

"Andrew is a very diligent person who takes time to ensure that everything is done with precision. He is equally a very caring individual and well-respected by his team. I would say that Andrew is an excellent communicator, giving instruction in a way that ensures that a task is fully understood. Above all, he is passionate about service and hospitality and he sets high standards for others to follow. He leads by example and sets a tone that inspires others. By involving others to bring their own ideas to the table, he encourages and empowers them to ensure that improvements are consistently made.

I would happily recommend Andrew to any future employer and I wish him the very best in his future career"

When I have free time


institute of hospitality

Individual member

hospitality action

Developing additional skills

the master innholders



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Helping others

word, hospitality advice

Leaders Development Course

exclusive collection

First aid for mental health


Mentor me programme

institute of hospitality

Personal licence

wiltshire council

Where I've worked


The Montagu Arms Hotel, Beaulieu

General Manager

33 Bedrooms

AA 4-Red-Star Hotel

AA 3 Rosette Restaurant

AA 1 Rosette Pub


Stanbrook Abbey Hotel, Worcester

Deputy General Manager

70 Bedrooms

AA 4-Star Hotel

AA 2 Rosette Restaurant


The Manor House Hotel, Castle Combe

Operations Manager

50 Bedrooms

5-Star Hotel

1 Michelin Star

AA 3 Rosette Restaurant

AA Notable Wine List


The Peppermill, Devizes

General Manager

16 Bedrooms

AA 5-Gold-Star Restaurant with Rooms

AA 2 Rosette Restaurant


The Stag & Huntsman, Hambleden

General Manager

8 Bedrooms

AA 4-Star Inn

AA 2 Rosette Restaurant


The Oakley Court, Windsor

Restaurants & Bar Manager

118 Bedrooms

AA 4-Silver-Star Hotel

AA 2 Rosette Restaurant

AA 1 Rosette Restaurant

AA Breakfast Award

My "why"

People, product, profit 

(in that order)

"Once you've created an environment where your team members are empowered to share their thoughts and ideas, conditions where your guests feel welcome and at home and a culture encouraging evolution and thinking differently then revenue and profit follows"


free, friendly and honest hospitality advice - my way of giving back to the industry

Started in January 2020, Word is my free online advice service tailored to all things hospitality. The industry is bursting with amazing people (some of the best you'll ever meet) who have shared their knowledge with me – I now feel that it is my turn to pass on as much of that knowledge as possible. There will be no charge for my advice, you can contact me as often as you would like and all of our communication will remain private.


​If you are an individual that; is looking to get in to the industry but is undecided; considering leaving the industry but is unsure; would like advice on your career; would like a mentor; is going through a tough time; is worried about anything; would like someone to bounce an idea off; wants help with your CV; would just like someone to talk to or anything else then I am here to help.

​You can contact me through the “write” section either in the top bar of this page or by scrolling down to the next section.


​I really look forward to hearing from you!

Write to me

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